Philoptochos December Updates

“Your congregation is generous and genuinely connected to one another. Thank you for everything you do for the community.” -- Erin Bergstrom, local organizer, Community-wide Shoe Drive   Thank You Indeed! Thank you to our generous community for providing enough food and Poor Box contributions to feed 35 families this Thanksgiving. Your donations support the House of Neighborly Service, the Loveland Community Kitchen and St. Spyridon families who need our help to enjoy this special … [Read more...]

Reflection, Making Plans and our Community’s Strategic Plan

Making a plan and deciding how you are going to progress in your spiritual life and relationship with Jesus Christ may at first appear a bit unusual. However, making plans and setting goals is a natural part of how we go about our daily lives. The same is true in the Church. Our God created the world and the universe according to an incredible plan. One of the prayers of the Church calls our Creator the Great Architect of our Souls. Meaning not only did God create the universe according to a … [Read more...]

The Well Worn Traveler, by Fr. Evan Armatas

Most travelers will tell you upon returning from a long trip that they have been changed forever by their journey. It was not long ago that the idea of pilgrimage was still a vibrant and common experience for most Christians. Unfortunately today we may live our spiritual lives within the same spiritual four walls for years on end. This is why the experience of the Lenten journey is so important. It challenges us to go beyond what we already know and beyond what we usually experience. In a sense … [Read more...]

2016 Project Mexico Trip:

2016 Project Mexico Trip: Calling all interested parties!! We will be again be a part of the Project Mexico home building team in 2015. Our build week is June 30-July 6, 2016 and we will be one of 5 teams working on homes. If you are interested (must be 15 or older), please contact Fr. Evan or Dn. Mark. … [Read more...]

Future Church Home continued

Capital Campaign Statistics – As of August 23, 2015 $961,429 – Pledged Amount $831,457 – Pledged Donations Received $ 57,556 – Other Donations Received $ 15,092 – Grocery Card Rewards Received $ 2,595 – Coin Box Donations Received Every gift matters to reach our $1.5 million goal!         With your support in this final year of our Capital Campaign, we will realize our dream of establishing a permanent church home where the faithful can … [Read more...]