Mary of Egypt

Medieval Sourcebook:
The Life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt (From The Great Canon, the Work of Saint Andrew of Crete, Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY, USA) "It is good to hide the secret of a king, but it is glorious to reveal and preach the works of God" (Tobit 12:7) So said the Archangel Raphael to Tobit when he performed the wonderful healing of his blindness. Actually, not to keep the secret of a king is perilous and a terrible risk, but to be silent about the works of God … [Read more...]

What is in a Name?

Months ago as I was reading through the daily commemoration of saints I came across a name that made me stop and think.  Every day the church has set aside specific names that are to be commemorated or brought to mind.  Many times the names are unusual or obscure but sometimes they are obvious and well-known, like Moses or St. Luke the Evangelist.  That day, the name was Cleopas, and that name reminded me of my days in Seminary.            When I first arrived at the Seminary, I was quite lost … [Read more...]