The Sermon on the Mount

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7), Jesus introduces the kind of life those who seek the Kingdom of God must lead.  His homily could properly be called, “The Righteousness of the Kingdom.”  It can be divided into several sections. (1)  The Beatitudes (Matt. 5:1-16): The sermon begins with the Beatitudes (the “blessings”), describing the joys of true discipleship, the blessed way of life.  The people of God await the rewards of the promises Jesus makes. (2)  The New Covenant (Matt. … [Read more...]

Stewardship, “What does it mean?”

During the month of January our community will be focusing on the theme of stewardship. It is true that over the years we have become progressively more and more familiar with the concept of stewardship and all that entails. We have heard sermons, listened to guest speakers, read pamphlets, and filled out our stewardship cards each year. My hope is that over the next few weeks we will all take a fresh look at what stewardship is and the role the parish of St. Catherine plays in our lives. … [Read more...]