Happy New Year!

On September 1 the Church celebrates the beginning of the Ecclesiastical New Year.  Seems odd to celebrate the New Year in September doesn’t it?  So often we find the rhythm of the Church’s life to be so different than what we are used to in our daily life.  For example the Church’s day begins at sundown not sunup we set the date for Pascha (Easter) using an old calendar and the hours are even marked differently, first hour, third hour, etc. Of course the reality of beginning the year on … [Read more...]

Advent, the Season of Light

For those of you who know me well you are aware that I love warm and sunny days. This time of year I am always surprised by how short the days become. Of course the days will continue to grow shorter until we reach the end of December. With this turn of the seasons from fall to winter comes the time of year Christians call Advent. Advent is one of four major fast periods in the Christian year. The others are Great Lent, the Apostles Fast that comes after Pentecost (usually in June) and … [Read more...]

The Ecclesiastical New Year

Most of us have heard about Christmas in July and the annual sales many stores host six months before Christmas. Yet it is unlikely you have heard of New Year’s Day in September. Well believe it or not that is when the Church celebrates the New Year, on September 1. So what is going on? Is this just another matter that for Orthodox is different than everyone else? Well there are many reasons for celebrating the New Year on September 1 both historical and theological. For our purposes we … [Read more...]

Summer Break

Summertime comes as a welcome break for millions of children the world over. Adults also look forward to summer, when schedules relax and long summer days give us more time to enjoy the outdoors and one another. With summer, as with the changing of every season, our mindset often changes and the particulars of the time of year become our focus. With summer we may look forward to barbeques, swimming, and fresh peaches. We may also ask what can I look forward to spiritually during this time … [Read more...]