St. Nektarios Fund

In 2002, an idea was born in a seminary dorm room that has blossomed into something greater than our wildest expectations. In the beginning, our goals were not ambitious… We sent a mere $450 the first year to eight students in Kenya. The small sum was enough to pay for the students’ tuition for an entire year. Since those early days of finding and choosing just a handful of students, we have spread our wings to include more in need. Visit the St. Nektarios Education Fund website for more details about projects, news, or to donate to the building of schools in Africa. {Visit Website}

Basil Sakas Memorial

The Basil Sakas Memorial Golf Tournament is an annual event where all net proceeds are used to support the Philoptochos Christmas Adopt-a-Family Program and Ramstrength. {Read More}


Philoptochos is a Greek word which means “friends of the poor” – not only poor in financial resources, but also the poor in spirit, the poor in health, the poor in companionship, and the poor in emotional stability. Saint Spyridon’s local chapter is part of a national organization of Orthodox Christian women whose sole commitment is to serve the poor and needy, locally and worldwide. {Read More}

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

Saint Spyridon parish is a network partner of IOCC. As a network partner St. Spyridon has the ability to meet both domestic and global needs, responding to disasters and cases of urgent need. Saint Spyridon through IOCC has provided material aid to flood victims in the Lyons, Colorado to victims of flooding in Serbia. Through our work with IOCC we have been able to address long standing health issues in countries like Ethiopia and educational needs in the middle east. On a monthly basis and on a case by case basis Saint Spyridon provides funding and material support to those in need thus serving the Gospel’s call to love one another’s brother as one’s self. {Visit Website}

House of Neighborly Service

House of Neighborly Service was established to meet the needs of residents in Northern Colorado. Those needs are as varied as housing, clothing, food and work. Saint Spyridon is a proud partner of HNS and provides monthly financial assistance to the work of HNS in Northern Colorado. {Visit Website}

Community Kitchen

Provides meals and fellowship to residents of Northern Colorado on a daily basis. Saint Spyridon is a proud partner of the work and ministry of the Community Kitchen. We provide financial assistance on a monthly basis to support this vital community resource. {Visit Website}