Pascha Passport

Welcome to your Pascha Passport, a record of your journey through Lent and Holy Week. We hope you will enjoy your journey and that you will discover new things along the way. Of course, any adventure has its surprises and its ups and downs. This journey is personal, and we think you will learn a lot along the way. There are many places to go on your way to Pascha, and we hope you visit as many destinations as you can. Each time you visit a new location you can have your passport stamped, so don’t forget to bring it along! More importantly, don’t forget your ultimate destination: the empty tomb of Christ and the celebration of His victory over death—the Resurrection.

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What is a Pascha Passport?

The Pascha Passport is intended to be used as a means of enrichment and education on your journey through Lent to Pascha. It is a small booklet, about the size of an actual US passport (with a much prettier cover). Much like a real passport, it has many different spaces for stamps; however, the stamps that go in this passport are of beautiful icons that correspond to each destination in the Pascha Passport. These passport stamps (sold separately or with our kits) are received at each of the various services of the Triodion, Lent, Holy Week, and Special Destinations (such as Confession, the Jesus Prayer, Lenten Retreat, and extra-Lenten services like Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday). The beginning of the passport has a place for the pilgrim to write their personal information and to sign a declaration of their intent as they embark on their journey through Lent to the final destination of Great and Holy Pascha. There is also space for the church to stamp a seal of authenticity. Included in the Pascha Passport is something that does not exist in a US passport, and that is a place to mark one’s personal journey. Here, pilgrims keep track of the “Personal Day Trips” of prayer, Bible reading, fasting, and almsgiving. The Pascha Passport includes succinct explanations of each destination intended to help pilgrims of all ages, traditions, and backgrounds better understand and participate in the beautiful and humbling journey to Pascha; Good Strength to All!

NOTE: The Pascha Passport is copyright © 2013 Saint Spyridon Church of Loveland, Colorado. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of Saint Spyridon Church.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to common questions about passports and how they work, see the {Embassy FAQ}. For further questions, please contact our Youth Director.


  1. This Lenten season, every student in our church school received their own Pascha Passport. We were fortunate enough to be attending a parish in the Denver metropolis during this past school year and were able to participate in this exciting journey!

  2. Drawing on the idea of the Pascha Passports, I made some PDFs with mini icons of the saints of the day for each of my doors.