Saint Spyridon

The Life of Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker

Did you ever think a brick could be used to explain the mystery of the Trinity?

Through simplicity and deep devotion to God, St. Spyridon worked miracles throughout his life and became known to all as a great Wonderworker; calling forth rain in the midst of drought, casting out demons with a single word, healing the sick and even raising people from the dead. Yet he is best known for something that occurred during the First Ecumenical Council in 325 AD.

There in the city of Nicea (Asia Minor) he astonished many with his simple explanations of the Orthodox Faith. At one point during the gathering he explained the unity and diversity of the Trinity by holding up a brick, then commonly thought to be a combination of the elements fire, earth and water; as he spoke, fire blazed from the top of the brick while water dripped to the ground, and only dust remained in his hand. “There was only one brick,” St. Spyridon said, “but it was composed of three elements. In the Holy Trinity there are Three Persons, but only One God.” Our community continues to witness the powerful intercessions of this servant of Christ. With your help we seek to build up a new community in his name, Brick by Brick.