Music Ministry

Ministry Vision

Music plays an enormous role in the services of the Orthodox Church. Much of the music currently used dates from the first centuries after Christ. Our goal as ministers of music is multi-fold:

  • Encourage and continue the Orthodox Liturgical practices of the past two thousand years.
  • Enhance worship and minister to parishioners through the beauty of music
  • Create an environment that encourages a greater focus on prayer and meditation
  • Encourage parishioners to enter more fully into worship through their own participation
  • Build unity of voice and spirit in the choir and among the chanters through regular rehearsals and worship
  • Provide special music as needed during the Divine Liturgy
  • Add fullness to the singing by adding harmony to congregational participation
  • Continue to improve musically, while encouraging the full participation of all parishioners, regardless of whether or not they are in the choir
  • Assist the priest in creating good order and flow in the liturgical service

Adult Choir

The role of our choir is to lead the congregational singing toward more joyful participation in worship, so that parishoners will be inspired to “Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful singing.” (Psalm 100:1-2). The choir is open to those over the age of 14. If you would like to join us, please contact Chris.

I thank God for the gift of music, which allows us to express our love and adoration to God, and when coupled with words, enhances our ability to learn and commit to memory the teachings of our faith.

~ Chris Finger, Director of music & Adult choir director

Chris and Barb Finger joined the Orthodox Church in 1998 on Holy Saturday and have attended St. Spyridon since 2008. Chris assumed the position of adult choir director in 2009 with Barb playing the organ. For more about Chris and Barb, please read their {staff bios here}.

The use of the organ is always a bit controversial in the Orthodox Church, yet it serves in a supportive role rather than as a solo instrument. ‘Praise Him with stringed instruments and organs’ (Psalm 150:4b). The organ enhances our singing to praise and glorify God. J. S. Bach, one of the greatest composers and organ masters of all time, said that ‘the aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.

~ Barbara Finger, Organist

Chanting and Youth Choir

Byzantine Chant: Byzantine chant is incorporated into many services of the Orthodox Church. This is the most ancient musical form found in Christianity today, a means of leading in worship and prayer that exists from the early days of the Church and has its roots in Jewish synagogue worship. If you are interested in becoming a chanter, please contact Charlotte.

Youth Choir: In youth choir, children in grades 2-8 learn the hymns and responses of the Divine Liturgy. Currently, the main focus of the Youth Choir is to rehearse and prepare the music for the Holy Saturday service. Please contact Charlotte to learn more about the children’s choir.

Chanting is not only my offering as part of the church’s work (liturgy means work of the people), but it is praying, singing, and teaching all at the same time—three things I love to do! If others hear the Word sung and then act on it, I have been blessed to be God’s vessel. If not, I am ‘but a clanging cymbal.’

~ Charlotte Todd, Lead chanter & Youth choir director

Charlotte, her husband Brian, and their six children entered the Orthodox Church in 1997. She began chanting in 1998, and has attended numerous music and chanting workshops at the Sacred Music Institute at the Antiochian Village. She initiated the St. Spyridon youth choir in 2009. For more information about Charlotte, please read her {staff bio here}.